If you’re looking for your dream home, start with the perfect community. Barry’s Construction has a number of lots available in all of the communities listed below, so take a look to find the perfect fit for your lifestyle. For additional information on any of the listed communities or lots, contact us today.

Taylor Heights

Township of Chatsworth

John Crescent

Chepstow - John Crescent

Hawton Place

Northview Crescent

Harris Pines

Hanover - Harris Pines

16th Ave. Crescent

Hanover - 16th Ave Crescent

Saugeen Riverside

Hanover - Saugeen Riverside

Various Lots in Hanover

Kilsyth Meadows - COMING SOON

Saratoga Road

Kincardine - Saratoga Road

Lakefield Drive

Campbell Ave.

Kincardine - Campbell Ave

Various Lots in Kincardine

St. Andrews Drive

Meaford - St Andrews Drive

Pinehurst Ave.

Meaford - Pinehurst Ave

Various Lots in Meaford

Woodland Estates


Owen Sound - Ridgecrest

17th St. Townhouses

Greyfair Lots

Owen Sound - Greyfair Lots


Various Lots in Owen Sound

Bluewater Phase 5ab

Northport Meadows

Devonshire Road

Port Elgin - Devonshire Road

Bluewater Phase 5

Various Lots in Port Elgin

Howe Drive

Shallow Lake - Howe Drive

Chesley Street

Southampton - Chesley Street

Various Lots in Southampton

Nyah Court Townhouses