If you’re looking for your dream home, start with the perfect community. Barry’s Construction has a number of lots available in all of the communities listed below, so take a look to find the perfect fit for your lifestyle. For additional information on any of the listed communities or lots, contact us today.

Various Lots in Arran-Elderslie & Area

Taylor Heights

Various Lots in Township of Chatsworth

John Crescent

Chepstow - John Crescent

Hawton Place

Northview Crescent

Saugeen Cedar Heights

16th Ave. Crescent

Harris Pines

Hanover - Harris Pines

Various Lots in Hanover

Kilsyth Meadows

Campbell Ave.

Kincardine - Campbell Ave

Lakefield Drive

Saratoga Road

Various Lots in Kincardine

Pinehurst Ave.

Meaford - Pinehurst Ave

St. Andrews Drive

Meaford - St Andrews Drive

Various Lots in Meaford

17th St. Townhouses

Greyfair Lots

Owen Sound - Greyfair Lots


Owen Sound - Ridgecrest


Woodland Estates

Various Lots in Owen Sound

Bluewater Estates

Buckby Lane

Devonshire Road

Port Elgin - Devonshire Road

Northport Meadows

Various Lots in Port Elgin

Howe Drive

Chesley Street

Various Lots in Southampton

Nyah Court Townhouses